Why ‘comms MOT’ should move up your to-do list

It’s time to put on your overalls, get out your WD40 and take a peek under the bonnet of your organisation’s communications. Or let the-thread do it for you.

Why now?

  • Internal comms (IC) pros have been doing a brilliant job of re-shaping at pace the way their organisations communicate during the pandemic. But hybrid and remote working aren’t going anywhere… experts agree that we’re in it for the long-haul. In the meantime, mass email comms and video events won’t reach everyone – there’ll be those that have tuned out and are slipping through the engagement gap. Is your current approach going to work long-term?
  • As online working becomes the norm, teams are becoming increasingly siloed. The risk is a huge negative impact on engagement, culture and collaboration. That’s not good for longer-term performance, productivity or profitability. If you can help unpick that challenge early, everyone’s happy.
  • “Town halls, face-to-face events, chats in the kitchen… yup, I’m great at reading a room/people to see how messages land”. Our ability to actively listen is what makes us IC pros great. But, is it even possible to do that effectively via a screen, en masse? Probably not. And a phone call here and there with your network is time consuming; and isn’t representative. Which means if you want to continue to influence your senior stakeholders, more data and insight is needed.

How can the-thread help?

We offer three comms audit packages that are priced based on your challenge, budget and needs.

  1. The Classic Mini – Fast and functional, we’ll take a look at your data, run a short and simple poll, interview key stakeholders and groups and deliver recommendations at speed.
  2. The Toyota Prius – One of the most affordable hybrids. You get the best of both worlds, everything that the Classic Mini offers with some phenomenal extras, such as identifying the new, casual communities and networks that have popped up and are unknowingly shaping your culture. Our hybrid option delivers a better outcome for your environment in the longer-term.
  3. The top-of the-range Teslathe-thread at its best, our audit will help you think differently about how you maximise your communication and engagement potential in this new working world. From reviewing your channels, identifying new communities and networks, tracking how key messages are spreading and unpicking the challenges, we bring different thinking which will help your business save future costs (e.g. talent attrition) and increase profitability in the longer-term.

Clearly, we love a good car analogy. But it’s important to say that we’ll never offer you something at Rolls Royce or Bugatti prices, because although the-thread team comes with 30+ years of big agency experience, we don’t charge big agency fees.

Now that your comms audit is back on your to-do list, drop us an email at hello@the-thread.com or give us a call on +44 (0) 7734 162479. We’d love to help.

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