Welcome to the-thread

Some may say it’s madness starting a business in a pandemic; we think it’s a smart move. At a time when the way businesses operate is changing dramatically, a fresh perspective can be game changing. the-thread was born out of our desire to help our clients do things differently. Over the next few weeks you can get to know our founders, Naomi and Laura and hear more about what drives our team. For now, here are the five things everyone needs to know about the-thread.

1. For us, it’s all about connection

As you may have gathered by now, the-thread is an employee engagement and experience consultancy, dedicated to connecting your people. Our founding focus is ‘connection’ because we believe it’s at the heart of what makes people and businesses great. As humans, we’re wired for connection… connection with one another, with our leaders, or to a cause or purpose. Through connection we create meaning and possibility. And for businesses, connection can help to realise potential – for growth, innovation, transformation. We exist to help thread that connection.

2. We think variety is the spice of life

Our four key services are communication, culture, transformation and leadership and we approach these services with a breadth and depth that we think is unique. From communications, creative techniques and change management to storytelling, improvisation and mind training – we deliver intelligent, mind-opening experiences that achieve the outcomes you need to drive a strong and sustainable business.  

3. Our team, your way

Our core team is based in London, with our extended team of specialists based throughout the UK. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, our founders have worked with a great network of specialists, whether that be copywriters, designers, videographers or experienced consultants. We match the team to the brief so our clients pay the right rate for the right level of expertise. Operating a network model makes good business sense for us and our clients; you can trust us to bring together the best team for your challenge.

4. This is not our first rodeo

When we told one FTSE ex-client that we were launching our own consultancy she screamed: ‘what a powerhouse!’, so it’s good to know that it’s not just us that thinks this is a great move! the-thread is new, but we have decades of experience. As former agency leaders, Naomi and Laura have worked with every kind of business, from technology start-ups to global FMCG and pharmaceuticals; and with CEOs to HRDs and transformation leads to heads of internal communications. We’re a gang of passionate experts. And as our team have a combination of in-house and agency experience, we understand our clients’ challenges inside-out.

5. We’re small but mighty

Although our team have big agency backgrounds, the-thread isn’t a big agency with expensive overheads, high fees and a really demanding pipeline to satisfy, so we can devote lots of time and care to our clients. We deliver value. Plus, we’re hands-on; which means we’re very happy to roll our sleeves up and make s**t happen.

So that’s a bit about our new company… what else would you like know?

You can follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or if you’d like to be added to our mailing list, just drop us an email at hello@the-thread.com.

Let’s stay connected!

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