the-thread publishes white paper on the value of belonging

We know intuitively that life’s much better when you feel you  belong somewhere. And being part of a workforce that has a genuine sense of belonging doesn’t just have individual, wellbeing benefits; it can make a huge difference to performance, engagement and retention. Recent research shows that increasing employees’ sense of belonging can drive substantial bottom-line benefits. For a 10,000-employee company, these benefits could translate into about $52M of savings.

the-thread’s partnership with Poppulo continues, with this latest, essential piece of thought leadership. It examines the question we’re all grappling with right now: ‘How can you cultivate workplace belonging when the “workplace” may not be a physical place at all?

Download the whitepaper to read:

  • How belonging impacts the bottom line
  • How to coach leaders to communicate effectively and empathetically in a digital environment
  • Practical models to plan inclusive communications
  • How to approach workplace communications in a holistic way that reaches all employees – no matter where they are

Download your copy today, and join the debate!

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