The Connectionnaire…with Caroline Ward

Our next the-thread Connects speaker, Caroline Ward, answers our five crucial questions on the theme of connection. To register for this Chatham House event, click here.

What does ‘connection’ mean to you? 

This means understanding, empathy and ultimately alignment, and for communicators it’s our role to create those opportunities for people.

Where / when do you feel most connected to yourself?

When I’m outdoors with my family in the sunshine, usually walking or running alone. That’s about having space and time and space and time also helps me connect to my creative brain at work. I come up with the best ideas when I’m walking or running.

Which famous figure do you most connect with and why? 

David Bowie, because of the way he absorbed the world around him, created within it and really innovated. He was always true to his values, and seemed to dislike BS. I think he was kind too. He was so committed to his work and involved in everything he did, he loved collaborating, even to the end when he created Blackstar.

What have you been reading / listening to recently? 

I’m listening to Barack Obama’s A Promised Land.

What are you most proud of achieving through connecting with others? 

Creating the new values system at Slater & Gordon via a discovery phase that involved true connection and then helping to keep the team connected and engaged to each other through remote working lockdown.

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