The Connectionnaire…with Bobbie Bergin

Bobbie Bergin is the Group Head of Customer Care & Outcomes at AIB, Ireland’s largest bank, and will be the speaker at our next the-thread Connects event on 16 March.

What does ‘connection’ mean to you? 

Sharing something with another person or group that goes beyond the purely transactional or superficial.

Where / when do you feel most connected to yourself?

When I am running, or even better when I make a conscious effort to meditate.

Which famous figure do you most connect with and why? 

Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) in the Godfather – the perfect consigliere!

What have you been reading / listening to recently? 

Books: My Paper Chase by Harold Evans; Confess by Robert Halford

Music: Miranda Lambert, Wildcard (country is my guilty pleasure)

What are you most proud of achieving through connecting with others? 

My five kids and dealing with the challenges of work, while hopefully helping some others along the way. 

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