The Connectionaire: Let’s #getconnected with Markus Leutert

We all know that as professionals our network matters, but as humans we’re wired for connection. So, let us introduce you to The Connectionaire; our opportunity to get to know the person behind the profession. We’re thrilled that the speaker at our upcoming the-thread Connects event, Markus Leutert, has found the time to answer our five crucial questions.

So, Markus, let’s #GetConnected… 

What does ‘connection’ mean to you?
For me, connecting with someone is about earning their trust. Connecting people with ideas is about understanding how to reconcile convictions with new ideas.

Where / when do you feel most connected to yourself?
I love time outdoors… so under a tree, listening to Keith Jarrett or Beethoven.

Which famous figure do you most connect with and why? 
Hmmm… I’ve got more than one. Can I share three?

  1. Alexis de Tocqueville (liberal thought)
  2. Niccolo Machiavelli (realism)
  3. Batman (an imperfect, conflicted human, but committed to the selfless pursuit of doing good)

What have you been reading / listening to recently?
I’ve been reading “Identity”, by Francis Fukuyama, a fascinating book discussing the recent trends in identity politics; and I’ve been listening to “Take my Hand”, by The Blind Boys of Alabama.

What are you most proud of achieving through connecting with others? 
Gratitude from your team for having helped them become better at what they do!

Markus is a senior communications specialist with a global, executive career that spans the sectors, from Akka Technologies and Thales to Walgreens Boots Alliance. He’s built his career by connecting with and staying true to his inner beliefs: integrity, respect and best practice. If you’d like to hear more from Markus, join us at our upcoming event, ‘the-thread Connects: The Culture Clash’, taking place on Tuesday 4th November at 16:00 GMT. Here Markus will be sharing his personal experiences of adapting to clashing cultures in challenging environments. Click here to register your interest.

the-thread Connects is our ‘Chatham House’ community where in-house communications, change and HR/engagement peers share challenges and solutions on the workplace issues that matter to them most. It’s for in-house professionals only.

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