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The Connectionaire: Let’s #getconnected with Markus Leutert

We all know that as professionals our network matters, but as humans we’re wired for connection. So, let us introduce you to The Connectionaire; our opportunity to get to know the person behind the profession... Read more

Join us at ‘the-thread Connects’ to unpick ‘The Culture Clash’

Join us at our next the-thread Connects. In November, we’re unpicking ‘The Culture Clash’, where we’ll talk exclusively with global communications director Markus Leutert... Read more

Planning a podcast? Here are three to inspire.

With one in eight of us tuning in every week, podcasting isn't going anywhere. Here we share some inspiration from three of the best. Read more

Why ‘comms MOT’ should move up your to-do list

It’s time to put on your overalls, get out your WD40 and take a peek under the bonnet of your organisation’s communications. Or let the-thread do it for you... Read more

Is digital white noise drowning out your communication?

Back in 1941, the writer CS Lewis said "If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work." If that was what he thought then, he'd be despairing now. Read more

Three reasons why ‘what’s in it for me?’ isn’t always the right question to drive change.

Unpopular opinion alert! ‘What’s in it for me?’ has long been the go-to question when trying to influence employees’ desire for change. Whilst we agree that this is sometimes the right approach; sometimes, what they most want to know is ‘How can I help?’. Here are three reasons why: Read more

Home-working, Jane Austen-style

As schools open fully for the first time since March, I hope I’m not oversharing if I say that, at times, the last few months have felt like a bit of a slog. But a recent family trip to the Jane Austen museum made consider whether actually, it's time to think differently about my home office/laundry room/pet-feeding zone... Read more

Is it time to rethink employee resilience?

As employees globally adapt to a new way of working for the longer-term, is it resilience they need or a new response to change? Read more

Staying connected within a hybrid working model

Here are five things to think about if your goal is to ensure a hybrid working model contributes to, rather than saps, your company’s culture. Read more

Welcome to the-thread

Some may say it’s madness starting a business in a pandemic; we think it’s a smart move. Over the next few weeks you can get to know our founders, Naomi and Laura and hear more about what drives our team. For now, here are the five things everyone needs to know about the-thread… Read more


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