We love to problem solve. So, working with you, we’ll unpick your challenges and agree on the best solutions. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and make a meaningful difference to your world.

Our approach

the-thread is an employee engagement and experience consultancy and we focus on four key services: communication, culture, transformation and leadership. We offer strategic planning, immersive workshops and events, and campaign and content delivery across all four areas.

Our brilliant team of specialists bring insights and inspiration from diverse perspectives. From communications, creative techniques and change management to storytelling, improvisation and mind training, we deliver intelligent, mind-opening experiences that achieve the outcomes you need to drive a strong and sustainable business.


As workplaces evolve, spanning generations, working patterns and cultures, it gets harder and harder for businesses to connect their fragmented audiences through communication. How can professional communicators make sure their strategies, tools and campaigns engage everyone?

If you need to assess the comms environment, hone your communication strategy, or boost your comms team’s capabilities, we’ll help you to resonate when you communicate by using:

  • Internal communications and engagement auditing
  • Insight-driven strategy, planning and delivery
  • Upskilling and coaching for communicators


Whether you want to deliver a new strategy, integrate your business after an acquisition or restructure, or simply improve your bottom line, culture is key. And we can help with that.

We can provide:

  • Cultural auditing to map your communication and leadership levers
  • Pragmatic strategies that work within your existing channels
  • Immersive and bottom-up storytelling for a culture that sticks


Transformation isn’t about new technologies, systems or processes alone. It’s about people. It’s about preparing them with the right mindset for change and empowering them with the skills to own it.

If you’re struggling to get your people on board with continuous change, we’ll connect people to the potential that comes when you transform:

  • Change communications and engagement programmes that connect heads, hearts and hands
  • Resilience training for teams to maintain momentum through change and transformation
  • Practiced expertise in change management


We see leadership as a journey. And today, leaders are faced with disruption, uncertainty, hybrid working styles, the reality of diversity and an ever-changing landscape to navigate and lead their teams through with confidence.

If you’re concerned that your leaders’ engagement styles don’t work for the world we’re in today, we’ll help you to ensure that your people feel engaged and inspired.

  • One-to-one coaching on personal communication style and techniques
  • Supporting leadership teams to communicate in an aligned and impactful way
  • Engaging tactics for one-to-many, remote communication