Hello from Laura

Amidst the chaos of 2020, launching the-thread is a truly positive and exciting move for both myself and Naomi.

It feels as though I’ve been on the path to this moment for a long time. Almost twenty years ago, I finally gave up on having an acting career and got a job in a tiny, independent communications agency (yes, I know what you’re thinking, I was VERY young). I found my purpose in life the day I joined that team of talented people.

I’ve worked in some great consultancies since then, for some incredible clients and alongside some completely impressive and lovely colleagues, and it was all made possible by my start in a company that was free to make things happen without restraint. Now it’s time to create a business with that same sense of excitement, passion and entrepreneurialism running through its veins.

If you’d asked me a year ago when was the logical time to launch such a business, I’d never have answered “in the middle of a global pandemic – obviously!”. But strange as it may seem, the changes we’re all going through have been the catalyst for making it happen now. 

The connection we have to one another as a society, as communities and as colleagues, feels more important than ever before, precisely because it’s threatened by the turbulent times we’re living through. But in our world of transformation and internal culture, connection has always been where the magic happens, because great ideas often come from two or more minds striking sparks off one another, and great changes occur when collective will is harnessed. With connection comes potential. Our business is dedicated to creating possibility; to opening doors, just when it feels as though lots of doors are closing. And there’s no one I’d rather jump into this adventure with than Naomi.

We’ve been friends and colleagues for ten years now. Over that time, our paths have criss-crossed repeatedly as we’ve moved through consultancy, freelance and client-side roles. We’ve stayed connected and whenever it’s been possible, we’ve chosen to be colleagues; because together, we’re a powerhouse. Alongside our networked team of brilliant specialists, we’re committed to working differently – and to helping you to make a difference.

We want to hear more about the challenges you’re facing, both in this moment, and for tomorrow. We get our kicks from problem-solving, so get in touch and let us help you connect your people. We’d love nothing better.

You can reach me on laurah@the-thread.com.

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