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Never has it been more apparent that we, as humans, are wired for connection – with one another, with our leaders, or to a cause or purpose. Through connection we create meaning and possibility. And for businesses, connection can help to realise potential – for growth, innovation, transformation.

We exist to help thread that connection; through insight-led creative communications, compelling content and meaningful experiences.

What we do

We listen. We understand your world. And we combine insight with experience to deliver strategic planning, immersive workshops and events, and campaign and content delivery that connects your people, to deliver on your potential.

We’ll help you to:

  • Better resonate when you Communicate
  • Move your Culture in the right direction
  • Connect people to the potential that comes when you Transform
  • Ensure that people feel engaged and inspired by those that Lead

The result? Happy, productive employees and a stronger, more sustainable business.

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Why us?

‘Normal’ is a moment in time, not a continuous reality. Good reputations can last a lifetime; or be shattered in a day. But the pace of our everyday working lives means it can be hard to take a step back and see how to do something differently. A fresh perspective can be game changing.

Few businesses truly break free from the complexities that surround them. We’ve worked with both companies that unknowingly limit themselves, as well as those that are open to expanding their potential.

the-thread was born out of our desire to help you do things differently.


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